Martha Carlin

Martha began her career with Arthur Andersen after graduating with honors from the University of Kentucky with a degree in accounting.  Her early training at Andersen included a process called “transaction flow revenue” which built her foundation in complex systems thinking.  This process follows the flow of transactions in a business to identify weak points and systemic risk.  Martha continued to apply this systems-based thinking throughout her career and life,  to solve complex problems in new ways .

Martha spent more than twenty years in business consulting and real estate operations for two of the largest real estate investment trusts in the US, becoming an expert in business turnarounds and systems-based solutions to improve operations.  locked0 L

Martha Carlin

In 2002, her young husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s diseas and Martha began to apply her turnaround skills to the task of understanding this complex disease.  Martha is a self-taught scientist who studied across many subjects including plant and soils biology, nutrition, chemistry, molecular biology, infectious disease, genetics, epigenetics, proteins, neuroscience and many others in search of something beyond point solutions to approach complex disease.

In 2015, Martha began to dedicate her full attention to the turnaround of chronic disease, including Parkinson’s, funding research at the University of Chicago with Dr. Jack Gilbert to build a metagenomic time series set of data. 

Later that year, Martha and Jack founded The BioCollective, LLC along with Dr. Suzanne Vernon, formerly of the CDC,  to build an innovation engine for pattern recognition across the population and to accelerate product development for microbiome products.  Since founding the company they have built a sample base of subjects age 1 to 102 across various health states, isolated and cultured more than 250 new strains of bacteria for product development, and developed AI tools and metabolic modeling to identify patterns in disease and enable rapid product development.  They have filed patents for targeted therapeutics as well as methods of collection and their unique BioCollector™. Their BioFlux™ Metabolic Model has enabled the rapid proto-typing of products targeting glucose metabolism, antibiotic resistance, sleep, TCA cycle/energy metabolism and others.  The company is privately funded by Carlin and small group of private investors. 

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