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Because we live in a world filled with both information and misinformation, it is critical that we evaluate the facts about food and medicine. This website is an effort to educate and inform on the facts so that we can make healthier choices for ourselves and our families. We invite you to join our community, stay informed and spread the word!

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  2. Know Your Food
    We have power in our food choices. And that power is in understanding where our food is sourced, how it is farmed or harvested, and its inherent nutrients that fuel our bodies. Visit our Know your food section often to learn more.
  3. Reduce Antibiotics
    Antibiotics are both a blessing and a curse. Antibiotics have saved lives, but we are now facing an epidemic of antibiotic-resistance which is serious. That said, we can make changes to avoid overuse of antibiotics in our food. By eating less animal based products or food product from unknown sources we can help reduce our intake of antibiotics (and other toxins) in the foods we eat. We can also, as much as possible, reduce our use of antibiotics in modern medicine and make demands for alternatives to antibiotics. We face an overuse and misuse of antibiotics in our culture. This has to change for humans to thrive.